Forever father

After I became a Christian I heard a lot about how God was my father, he loved me more than anyone and I had been adopted into a new family. I found this very comforting, but also a little uncomfortable. I felt weird about the idea that I had a greater father and family than I’d had before because I love my earthly family very much. Its something that is so wonderful and confusing about becoming a Christian.

I was happy to be finding my feet in my new found faith and developing in Christ so it didn’t bother me that much for the first year or so. It was always in the back of my mind though. Personally, I guess it was a little bit more complicated than with some other people. My earthly dad died when I was 11 and so I missed out on a lot of the father daughter relationship. Its something that affects a lot of my life and I’m constantly dealing with but, at this point, is something I’m pretty used it. So in terms of my relationship with God, having a new father was coming into a new type of relationship, finding a father after so many years of that gap.

However, in my experience, when I loose someone, I know they cannot be directly replaced, and I don’t want them to be. My relationship with someone is unique and when thats gone I know it won’t happen again. I felt uncomfortable when my grandparents died and I was told by a kind, elderly neighbour that they could be my adopted grandma. I don’t feel like I want a replacement because that somehow devalues the original. So in short, the idea of being adopted into a new family by a new, greater father was pretty confusing. I had conflicting feelings of comfort and discomfort which I was working through.

One day when I was praying, I had a break through. I thought about the concept of adopted families and how their adopted family is called their ‘forever family’, they still have biological parents that are important, they just have something new as well. I realised that God is my forever father. Being adopted into his family does not make my earthly parents any less my parents. I just have another, forever family which I’ve chosen and been chosen for. That was one of the best things I’ve ever realised. I remember that brilliant sense of peace and realisation that came. I can have multiple families that are all helpful and all different and thats okay, as long as I know that God is my forever father.

I’ll always be grateful for this wonderful adoption and everything it has brought.

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