Highs and lows

Bubble bubble
Sometimes I can feel it
Bubbling up inside of me
A feeling of…

Panic and happiness feel oddly similar
Panic drives me
Towards the goal
To meet the deadline, usually early

Happiness stops me
My mind racing
Its all okay
I can’t believe it

Fuzzy mind
Sometimes thats all I have
Tired and wanting more
With no energy to get it

I feel capable today
A thought that dawns on me
In the middle of changing my bed,
Writing an essay,
Seeing my friends
Greeting and leaving in the same breath

Sometimes thats the best
In the middle
Able up to a point
Early bedtimes
Early mornings
Off we go again

I’m yet to unlock the secret of my feelings
Maybe I never will
Maybe thats okay
This time next year I’ll be different
My emotions, well who knows?

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