Year one.
Hope and expectations met with a fall,
Not understanding,
Why, how, when, who?
The brown book in my room,
Calling my name,
The courage of walking into it,
Introductions and small talk,
Laughs and hope rising once again,
Uncertain little steps towards something that might mean everything.

Year two.
A bit more sure,
A little bit unwilling but ready to give it a shot,
Finding new people,
Disappointments and surprises,
Slow but steady growth,
Growing from an imposter to a quiet family member,
Bigger steps that cannot be remembered.

Year three.
Excitement and trepidation,
What will this one bring?
Sure in the uncertainty of faith and family,
Coming back to family,
Finding new members,
The grief of moving away,
So much the same yet so much different,
Learning lessons about  His timing,
Finding more purpose,
Learning to trust only One,
Strides straight into the unknown.

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