The prayer of breath

One of the most influential preaches I’ve ever witnessed was on my church’s student weekend away. I don’t remember most of the preach, just this one part.

The speaker said that, in the past, the name given to God was almost like the sound of breathing. The letters and sounds that it formed had the same rhythm. Saying God’s name was like breathing in, breathing out. So, every time we breathe we say God’s name.

At the time that hit me hard, and its something that stayed with me for a long time. The joy that comes with the realisation that your breath, something that you do naturally, is actually a prayer. The act of saying God’s name. Its a pretty wonderful realisation.

As with most things, time moved on and I forgot. Recently though, I feel that God reminded me of this fact. I’d been going through a bit of a rough time, feeling a bit of a lack of connection and the preach just popped into my head, a reminder that I can always be connected and I can always know this, if want to.

So I just want to put this message out there, let people know that a simple breath is enough to bring you into contact with God, he’s always with us, we just need to remember it and allow His presence to comfort us.

What a wonderful God we have.

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