Thats what I call myself

I believe in equality

I recognize the patriarchy


Its not a label I make public
But it is a label I live
In defence of the every day
But little real life campigning

Am I really one if I don’t write about it?
If I don’t campaign about it?
If my support is low key?
If the only people who hear about my feminism,
Are my family and friends?


Sometimes I like make up
Sometimes I don’t
Sometimes I’m in raging feminist mode
Sometimes I’m not

Sometimes I bitch to anyone that’ll hear,
About the shopkeeper that talked over my head,
About the guy who said nothing good comes from feminism,
About all the times I’ve been told by old men to smile,
As if thats my purpose

Sometimes I won’t.
Sometimes other women’s struggles are more important.
Sometimes I just don’t want to talk about it.

Maybe feminism is a state of mind,
Maybe I’m doing enough,
Maybe I’m not.

I can’t be perfect,
I can only try to fix my mistakes.
Try to make others aware too.
My circle of influence might be small,
But I think its still pretty important

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