My neighbours, the pigeons


I’m yet to find the metaphor in the pigeons who moved in opposite.

An abandoned building, lit up with fire one night.
One night when I wasn’t here,
One night that I’ve pieced together through news articles and assumptions.

A few weeks later, life crept in.
Birds, dancing about on the roof,
Edging closer to the gap in the roof,
The gap which tipped me off to the fire.

Exploring the roof,
Plucking up the courage to make the jump,
Two of the most ordinary birds, finding a new home

“Lovebirds” my mum calls them,
A couple who found a home out of destruction,
Carving a life out for themselves from an abandoned, scorched building.

I don’t see them very much any more,
Every  now and again they come and visit,
I feel hope and love towards these two animals,
They made a home where no one else did,
They reminded me that birds just live,

Its okay to just live.




10 thoughts on “My neighbours, the pigeons

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