Temporary people


I remember when I first saw this, it was a comfort to me. I related it immediately to the people I’ve met since I was 16 who brought me down rather than building me up. Knowing that those people are temporary, no matter how bad they make me feel right now is pretty helpful and I’m grateful for that.

Coming to the end of university though, I’ve realised that this does not just refer to this group of people. As I leave university I am aware that I will probably never again see a lot of the people who I have grown close to and shared my life with here. I’m usually a person who hates goodbyes and, three years a go, I wouldn’t of been able to handle this knowledge. Now though, I have a completely different perspective.

I can look at the wonderful people who have helped me through this journey of my undergraduate degree and say goodbye with some sort of peace. People come into your life for a reason, to teach you things, to help carry the load, and to give you love when you need it most. Those people who have done that for me here at university are incredibly special to me and I will always love them and be grateful for them. But I’m okay with people that come into my life to fulfil a purpose for a short time, maybe they’re some of the most valuable.

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