The power of a group

where two or more are gathered.png

I truly found the meaning of this verse through the Christian Union at my university. I was very lost and lonely in my first year at university and, ultimately, it lead to me finding God and becoming a Christian but I truly don’t know where I’d be without the Christian Union.

Over the time I was a part of it, the group changed, a lot. I think I was probably the only consistent person who was there most weeks over the two and a bit years. It makes sense: a university Christian Union isn’t a stable thing, people graduate and other people join the university. I made some great friends within the group, especially in my last year, but the friendships weren’t what impacted my life the most.

Being able to be a part of a group, however big or small, who could come together for a bible study, a bit of prayer, and fellowship, had an impact. I was able to learn so much through reading the bible and listening to other people’s thoughts and beliefs from discussions, especially when I was first introduced to the group. They were the first people to take me to church, a type of church that I was very unfamiliar with, which opened me up to a new way of following Jesus. I was a quiet part of the group for most of the time and many people who went there probably didn’t know what an impact they had, but they had a huge impact on my life.

I truly believe that God worked through every person in the Christian Union to bring me closer to him and further me on this faith journey. I think the above verse summarises it so well. It doesn’t matter who is meeting, as long as they are a loving group meeting in Jesus’s name, God can and will do incredible things through them.

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