An ode to my over-thinking brain

I don’t like you very much.
Most of the time I wish you’d stop.
A new brain would be brilliant thank you very much.
To switch off,
Not analyse every little thing,
To only focus on me and what I want and how I want.
That would help a lot.
So there.

I know myself far to well because of you,
Feelings can’t just be feelings,
Reasons always pop up.
Anger can’t just be anger,
I can almost always see the other person’s point of view.
Happiness can sometimes just be happiness,
Although then again I’m always waiting for the fall.
The fall which I know is coming because its come far too much before.

Over-analysis is your greatest hobby.
Helpful in academia maybe,
Not necessarily when I’m trying to just be.
You help me in seeing myself,
I trust your judgement completely,
Until I question myself,
Find I’ve changed,
Then cement that into being.
You miss the flow of change, to you things just suddenly are.

I wouldn’t be myself without you,
Little details that allow me to read people,
Understand things.
Being able to catch the little moments between husband and wife.
Seeing that the child has dropped something,
Making sure that I smile at the most miserable looking person.
You’re kind and caring and loving,
Without you I’d be incomplete.

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