That time a pair of shoes gave me an identity crisis

“Talk to the person next to you about what kind of shoes you’d be”

All I could say is “I have no idea”

A retreat with the student ministry of my church,
Connecting with God,
Growing as a group,
Learning and spending time together.

Then it struck.
“What kind of shoes would you be?”
I had no answer,
No real sense of self to fit into a pair of shoes.

Exhaustion and loneliness,
An hour later trying to hide my tears.

They didn’t care that I didn’t know,
They just moved on,
I came up with half an answer,
So had to back track.
“Maybe converse, dependable converse”

I stand by that,
But still worry about what they thought,
A turn around from my first answer,
An actual answer this time,
Well, maybe half an answer.

Identity has been a theme of the past year,
The loss of a relationship that defined me,
Growing deeper in my relationship with God

What shoes am I?
I’m still not 100% sure,
But I can’t wait to find out more.

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