As a Christian

As a Christian my beliefs are complicated,
I come as a mix of who I was and who I’ve become.

As a Christian I know I’m not perfect,
Just that I have an almighty father.

As a Christian I don’t have to follow a set of rules,
Developing a relationship comes first.

As a Christian I think that love comes first,
My God is love after all.

As a Christina I strive never to judge,
Only give love as I have received.

As a Christian I know the label may be misjudged,
But I’m called to be the opposite of expectations

As a Christian I disagree with conservative ideology,
Believing that Jesus was a fan of social justice.

As a Christian I know that I am loved,
And that is the best feeling in the world.

As a Christian I want to create change,
Though I cannot do it in my own strength.


As a Christian I have a calling,
Although I don’t necessarily believe that it has to be my career.

I am many things,
Wrapped up in a unique package,
My identities are ever expanding,
But one comes above all,
And as a Christian, that’s my call

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