The Toastie Project: An Introduction

Lets set the scene: I’m in a cafe in a little Welsh town known for its book shops having lunch with my mum. My usual lunch: a cheese and ham toastie, arrives. This looked like an especially good toastie and so I expressed my excitement to my mum. Thats where this idea was born, as she commented that I should do a book reviewing toasties. I adapted the idea and in my head, it became the toastie project.

The Toastie Project is going to be a food/travel series that I do on this blog. Almost every time I’m on holiday or go somewhere interesting I eat a toastie at a new place and so I thought that talking a bit about the toasties I eat would be a good way to document my travels and the various different adventures I go on. The posts won’t just be about the toasties, they’ll be about the places I’ve been and any memorable stories from the area. I can’t commit to a schedule because the posts are based around my life and how exciting it is which, of course, changes. To start with I think I’m going to go back and look at some memorable toasties that I might have had over the last year or so.

Welcome to this journey, lets see where we end up!

One thought on “The Toastie Project: An Introduction

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