Drop in the ocean

2016 has been a bit of a year.

Recently especially,
Every morning something new,
Whether its in politics,
Or another tragedy right on cue.

I’ve become desensitised,
The shock value is gone.
Cautiously pessimistic is my default,
A barrier of self protection.

Its not airtight,
Things drip in,
Though I try not to worry,
Things still weigh heavy.

The pull of empathy,
Overtaken by the helplessness,
It all seems so far away,
Just too removed.

Amidst all of this,
Rays of sunshine can still shine through,
Sharing in the sorrow is important,
Remembering the good even moreso.

All I know to be true,
After all this sadness,
We will come through.

Make this year a year of love.
Kindness through and through,
Overwhelm the negative.

Afterall is said and done,

Love will always win.

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