Shiny and new

I just bought a laptop.
Its shiny and new,
I can never help myself when it comes to new stuff,
I have to open it and use it,

I knew when I bough it that it didn’t have much memory,
Still I bought it,
I don’t regret it…yet.

It didn’t take long for me to overload it,
Find a fault in it,
The optimistic stage kicked in.
This is the trying to fix it stage,
Or rather the ‘I will fix it’ stage,
Where I become the answer,
It won’t be like this forever,
I’ll find the answer.

Hiding underneath is the pessimist,
Its never going to be as fast as my other one,
I’m not going back,
But I’m not moving forward,
Its all new
Yet all the same,
In a year I might get fed up,
Buy a new one.

I don’t know what I’ll think in a years time,
I’ll probably be used to it,
Might’ve found a solution,
If not I’ll still be complaining.

Maybe I’ll try a new way,
Work with another to find the answer,
Be somewhere different,
Instead of longing to be there.

My new laptop,
I wonder where we will go together,
What sights we will see,
When our relationship ends,
Where will we be?


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