In the water


I look towards the water,
My destination clear,
Edging towards the moment,
The plan goes on from here.

Its so big and scary,
The unknown ahead of me,
I can see the surface,
The specifics not so clear.

I have to move towards it,
Suddenly I’m in,
No safety of a life jacket,
A new adventure to begin.


Now I’m here its better,
Less variables uncontrolled,
Still I’m in the process,
Of making it my own.

Swimming is exhausting,
Treading water is a chore,
I have to keep on going,
Until I reach the shore.


Painting with light

It started with darkness.
Don’t get me wrong, I was pretty comfortable,
When I was there it didn’t feel huge,
Looking back I see that it was.

I made a choice.
A step into a room,
Leading to a step into a building,
Leading to a slow chain of decisions,
An invitation for the light to come in.

It happened slowly,
Slowly but surely a masterpiece began,
Light pushed some darkness away,
The creator took over.

He’s working on his painting,
Crafting the light in just the right places at just the right times,

I’m learning to surrender comfort for love,
A work in progress can be just as beautiful as the finished product.

My Hometown

Hello, welcome to my hometown. This is the place I grew up, my half-home at the moment while I’m at university. I’ve lived in this town all my life, I know it pretty well. There are so many segments: my town almost feels like a lot of different villages put together, each of them feels different.

Old Hall feels like home. Layers upon layers of memories: first kisses, childhood friends, and 21 Christmases. I used to play in the little woods opposite my house, if it was an adventurous day we’d go to the Bumpy for the swings and slides. My mum goes to the Spar every morning to get her paper, the staff know her pretty well by now. Our time in this house is probably coming to an end soon but in my heart I think it will always be mine.

Chappleford feels like expectation. I watched these houses rise up from an old air force base. The first time I visited was to the museum, just before it closed. Within a year the first houses were finished. Before prom in year 11 I met my friend to sunbathe on a nice patch of grass which looked pretty ordinary, now its a park for many to enjoy. I had a make or break conversation with my ex there last year. This place always reminds me of him: it was my walk to his house and a middle point for us to meet. Other people are making lifelong memories there now.

Westbrook feels like childhood. My primary school and old church live here. Primary school is rose tinted in my eyes, nothing really felt too much there. We used to go to the cinema once a year as a treat but I usually ended up scared of the film and leaving before the end. The change from UCI to Odeon was not welcomed at first but I really can’t tell you the difference, teenagers still meet there and favourite films are experienced for the first time there. I spent a lot of my childhood there, now go only for the supermarket.

Hood Manor feels like nostalgia. Its home to two people who used to be the most important. My ex-best friend: the closest to the type of friendship everyone else appears to have. We grew apart and thats okay. Nevertheless I’ll always think of her. My ex-boyfriend: my first love and hardest break up. He doesn’t stay there much but his family is still there and that house holds a lot of memories of awkwardness, fun, and love. Its happy nostalgia tinted with loss, and I wouldn’t ever change it.

Great Sankey feels like school. My high school is here, seven years of my life I got the bus in and out. Its not as happy as primary school but even so I became me here. I have a friend who lives down the road and her primary school was where my mum taught last. I didn’t explore the area too much, although I could find my way around alright. My school years were up and down but they made me who I am.

Thats just a snapshot of my hometown: the places that mean the most. I’ve spent a lot of my time here wanting something else but it’ll always be my first home. I’m getting ready to leave again now, start a new at my second university. I hope to carve out a new home one day, give my children a hometown that they can base their lives upon.