The toastie project: Hay on Wye


The first toastie is, of course, the one I was eating as I was dreaming up this idea. Because of this, I didn’t actually get a picture of the actual toastie, just the one above of the sugar packet I was fiddling with and the book leaflet. Hay on Wye is a small village/town on the border of England and Wales which is known for its bookshops. Me and my mum are big bookworms so it was the perfect place for us to stop on the way home from our holiday in Cornwall. The stop was semi-inspired by the tiny Norwegian village we visited a few years a go which felt like it had books spilling out of the buildings and it didn’t disappoint!

Following a morning of looking around the bookshops, in which I was very restrained and only bought one book, we stopped at what might be the main cafe in the village for lunch. I did my usual scan for toasties and happily ordered the usual. The toastie looked perfect: just the right bread,ham and cheese ratio and homemade looking enough that I was looking forward to eating it – a lot. It tasted almost as good as it looked, my one complaint would  be that the ham was a bit too tough and kept falling out of the sandwhich when I tried to bite into it. I wouldn’t of said that it was the best toastie in the world (not the best start, I know!) but it was definitely one of the good ones. We finished the meal by sharing a very very nice tiffin (or traybake as the woman in the cafe called it). Overall I’d say it was a very successful meal!

We finished and walked out into a lots and lots of rain and decided to look around the shops a little more, since they were all inside. I made friends with the owner’s cat in a very colourful shop my mum called a ‘glastonbury shop’ who played with my umbrella a bit, got is paw stuck to it and ran off to sit at the shop door. We tried to go through the run down castle but were met with only building work and decided to get back to the car ready to leave.

I mentioned before that this was the last night of our holiday in Cornwall: the village is somewhere in between Cornwall and our home. We’d had a lovely beach side holliday and so Hay on Wye was the perfect place to visit to bring us partly back to reality whilst still feeling tha we were on holiday. After going the wrong direction and finding that the nearest supermarket in the Welsh village was just past the English border, we set off on the last couple of hours back home.

Overall ratings for this toastie experience would be:
Visiuals: 10/10
Taste: 8/10
Location: 9/10

See you again soon, fellow toastie lovers!

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The Toastie Project: An Introduction

Lets set the scene: I’m in a cafe in a little Welsh town known for its book shops having lunch with my mum. My usual lunch: a cheese and ham toastie, arrives. This looked like an especially good toastie and so I expressed my excitement to my mum. Thats where this idea was born, as she commented that I should do a book reviewing toasties. I adapted the idea and in my head, it became the toastie project.

The Toastie Project is going to be a food/travel series that I do on this blog. Almost every time I’m on holiday or go somewhere interesting I eat a toastie at a new place and so I thought that talking a bit about the toasties I eat would be a good way to document my travels and the various different adventures I go on. The posts won’t just be about the toasties, they’ll be about the places I’ve been and any memorable stories from the area. I can’t commit to a schedule because the posts are based around my life and how exciting it is which, of course, changes. To start with I think I’m going to go back and look at some memorable toasties that I might have had over the last year or so.

Welcome to this journey, lets see where we end up!